Popsicle Week – A Week of Tasty Treats!

Popsicle Week - A Week of Tasty Treats! | apopsicleblog.comHelloooo popsicle lovers! We wanted to just pop in quickly to let you know about a FUN series we’re hosting this week – Popsicle Week! Popsicle week? What’s up with Popsicle Week when this blog is all about popsicles? Well, here’s the difference. This week we’ll be sharing a full week of original recipes alongside Kelley over at The Grant Life! So be sure to check in daily for fun recipes AND on Friday we’ll be hosting a popsicle giveaway that you won’t want to miss! See you there!


Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!via


Mocha Mint Popsicles

Mocha Mint Popsicles; for popsicle recipes and fun, visit apopsicleblog.com | #popsicle #recipes #coffee

Is it ok to have popsicles for breakfast? If they’re Mocha Mint Popsicles it is! Grab some coffee and make these delicious pops by Kelley of The Grant Life – oh and head over in the next couple of days to enter her giveaway!

See recipe at: Mocha Mint Popsicles by The Grant Life


Coke Float Popsicles

Coke Float Popsicles; for popsicle recipes and fun, visit apopsicleblog.com | #popsicle #recipes #coke

Yummm…do you love a good root beer float? What about Coke Floats? I’m a fan, and we’re sharing this recipe for Coke Float Popsicles over at A Night Owl today, along with 20+ Fantastic Summer Recipes that you’ll want to check out! Head on over!

See recipe at: 20+ Fantastic Summer Recipes | Coke Float Popsicles


“Orange Julius” Popsicles

Orange Julius Popsicles; for popsicle recipes and fun, visit apopsicleblog.com | #orangejulius #popsicle #recipes
Did you have an Orange Julius around when you were a kid? I know I did and I always loved their orange-y goodness! Well we’ve captured a hint of that goodness in these “Orange Julius” popsicles! Whip up a few, sit back and enjoy!

Orange Julius Popsicles
Yields 6
Do you love Orange Julius drinks? Then you’ll love these quick and easy, homemade popsicles!
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6 oz thawed orange juice concentrate
1 cup milk
1 cup water
¼ cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
In a bowl, stir together orange juice concentrate, milk, water, sugar and vanilla until well mixed.
Pour orange juice mixture into your popsicle mold of choice and freeze!
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See original post: Zoku Original Quick Pop Maker + Orange Julius Popsicles

Welcome to A Popsicle Blog!

A Popsicle Blog; for popsicle recipes and fun, visit apopsicleblog.com | #popsicle #recipesLove a pretty popsicle? Love a tasty popsicle? Love making popsicles? Love EATING popsicles? Well then, my friend, you have come to the right place. Welcome to A Popsicle Blog collaboration. A place where you can find popsicles, submit popsicles, sit back and browse while you eat popsicles. We hope you’ll stick around for a little while!

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